Brokenhurst Manor Golf Club

John Nettell Trophy 2022 - 36 Holes Combined Scores

Wednesday 29th June 2022 - Thursday 30th June 2022
White Tees, Brokenhurst Manor Golf Club

(95% handicap allowance)

GARY PRINCE (Brokenhurst Manor) with a score of 141 over 36 holes.

Close 2nd was previous trophy holder, ALAN MEW from Stoneham with a score of 142.

Also from Stoneham, Kevin Rayner came in 3rd position with a score of 148.

36 Holes Net

1st - Martin Vertigen (Royal Automobile Country Club) 140

2nd - Julian Brand (Walton Heath) 142 countback.

3rd - Neil Macpherson (Addington Palace) 142.

Best 18 holes Gross - Day 1

Gary Prince (Brokenhurst Manor)  68

Best 18 holes Gross - Day 2

Alan Mew (Stoneham)  71

AGE GROUP PRIZES (over 36 holes)

55-59 Winner - Simon Timmins (Copt Heath) 149

Runner-up - Andrew Hobday (Stoneham) 152

60-64 - Gordon Stewart (Berkhamstead) 152

Runner-up - Simon Phillips (Maidenhead) 154

65-69 - Les Bruckner (Hindhead) 149

Runner-up - Peter Scott (Basingstoke) 155

70 plus - Greg Townsend (Romsey) 163

Runner-up - Neil Franklin (Beaconsfield) 165

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Gross Leaderboard switchR1R2TotalPar
1st Gary Prince (3)6873141+1
2nd Alan Mew Stoneham Golf Club (0)7171142+2
3rd Kevin Rayner Stoneham Golf Club (5)7573148+8
4th Simon Timmins Copt Heath Golf Club (2)7376149+9
5th Les Bruckner Hindhead (1)7376149+9
6th Martin Vertigen Royal Automobile Country Club (6)7676152+12
7th Andrew Hobday Stoneham Golf Club (4)7577152+12
8th Gordon Stewart Berkhamsted (2)7577152+12
9th Simon Phillips Maidenhead (4)7876154+14
10th John Mangan Hollywood Golf Club Ltd (4)7877155+15
11th Keith Newton Woodcote Park Golf Club (5)7778155+15
12th Peter Scott Basingstoke Golf Club (4)7481155+15
13th Julian brand Walton Heath Golf Club (7)8274156+16
14th Keith Hale Worthing Golf Club (6)8076156+16
15th Richard Betts (3)7680156+16
16th David McMillan Hayling (3)7879157+17
17th Neil Macpherson Addington Palace (8)7979158+18
18th Ian Hixon Came Down Golf Club (8)7682158+18
19th Ken Meaden Stoneham Golf Club (5)7583158+18
20th Bob Lucas Sand Martins Golf Club (5)8178159+19
21st Tim Lavender Wrotham Heath (7)8079159+19
22nd Alan Hockings (6)7980159+19
23rd Mark Williams Knebworth (2)7782159+19
24th Alan Austin Knole Park (2)7782159+19
25th Mark Trasler Hever Castle (4)8476160+20
26th Martin Milne Stoneham Golf Club (1)8179160+20
27th Robert Messervy Royal Jersey (6)8080160+20
28th Iain Simpson Brookmans Park Golf Club (2)7883161+21
29th Sean Wells Purley Downs (1)7784161+21
30th Ian MacDonald Chobham (4)8478162+22
31st Peter Dorey Hankley Common Golf Club (7)8478162+22
32nd Andrew Cruickshank Sevenoaks Town (5)8181162+22
33rd Andrew Havard Barton-on-Sea Golf Club (6)8082162+22
34th Danny Dowell Cricket St Thomas Golf Club (8)7983162+22
35th Mark Highfield Moor Park Golf Club (6)7983162+22
36th Courtney Phillips Coulsdon Court (8)8380163+23
37th Greg Townsend Romsey Golf Club (8)8380163+23
38th John Cox Kirtlington (5)7984163+23
39th David L Wheeler (8)8084164+24
40th Neil Franklin Beaconsfield (7)8481165+25
41st Paul Bevens Moor Park Golf Club (6)8382165+25
42nd Idris Vernall (8)7887165+25
43rd Mark Osborne Hankley Common Golf Club (6)8482166+26
44th Pat Smith The Shire London (6)8086166+26
45th Stephen Golding Barton-on-Sea Golf Club (7)7888166+26
46th Neil Cook Donnington Grove Country Club Golf Club (7)8978167+27
47th Graham Tansley West Essex (8)8483167+27
48th Mr Richard Jones Ellesborough Golf Club (6)7889167+27
49th Peter Lloyd Addington Palace (8)8682168+28
50th Stephen Lewington Newbury & Crookham Golf Club (8)8385168+28
51st Kevin Rivers The Bristol Golf Club (8)8385168+28
52nd Paul Taylor Romsey Golf Club (8)9079169+29
53rd David Williams Morriston Golf Club (8)8683169+29
54th Brian W Parker Burhill Golf Club (8)8584169+29
55th Sean Lynch Minchinhampton Golf Club (8)8485169+29
56th Jeff Robinson Hadley Wood (7)8089169+29
57th Paul Lamb Newbury & Crookham Golf Club (8)8487171+31
58th Martyn Smith Littlehampton Golf Club (8)8388171+31
59th Keith Clinnick Hayling (6)9089179+39
60th Mark Hitch Woodcote Park Golf Club (8)9697193+53
61st Jason Bolton Ross-on-Wye Golf Club (3)NR78NR 
62nd Paul Graham (6)NRNRNR 
63rd Gordon Ross Broadstone (Dorset) Golf Club (3)81NRNR 
64th Brian Campbell Evesham Golf Club (8)NRNRNR 
65th Andy Smith St George's Hill (-1)DQNRNR 

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